Happiness = Little Things

When things come to your happiness, you will meet many people saying......smile more, plan a trip, hang out in a bar, join clubs, do parties, Netflix and chill and whatnot.

You don't have to be so desperate for such huge things to do. You can find this in 'little things'.
Nowadays, we all are busy with our daily routine. And due to this, we are unable to grab those giddy things sometimes.

Now, what are those giddy, idiomatic things?
Specially For Tea Lovers ...🍵
Window seat, long walks at night, rain + hot corn, perfectly lined eyeliner & round chapati for girls, perfectly tucked in shirt for boys, wild dance seeing nobody in the house, watching a favourite cartoon, family time, maggi......yes happiness is in little things.

-Prerana Gore.

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  1. Jay are says:

    Nice poem

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